The dire plight of rhino being indiscriminately poached for their horns inspired conservationist Louis Lategan to think out the box.

He created The Royal Rhino cream liqueur in 2018, bottled in the distinctive shape of a rhino horn.

Not only would consumers get to enjoy the delicious cream liqueur but they would also be contributing to a worthy cause. For every bottle sold a percentage of the proceeds is donated to the fight against the poaching of Black and White Rhino throughout Africa.

Two flavours, native to the African continent, come together in a distinct fusion. The rich, bold taste of Arabica coffee is balanced with the flavour of fragrant vanilla. Fresh dairy cream is folded in to the liqueur to give The Royal Rhino its signature velvet finish.

And it doesn’t only taste good, something recognised by a 91 point score from the International Wine & Spirit competition but The Royal Rhino was also awarded the Best Bottle Design in the Beverage Packaging Division at the Virtual Worldstar Awards ceremony.

Savour the flavour of this African cream liqueur by enjoying it over ice in a short glass. Or drizzle it over ice cream to add that something extra when serving dessert.